Doğuş Group, with more than 300 companies and 22 thousand employees from diverse backgrounds, operates in seven major industries with specific dynamics, including automotive; construction; media; hospitality; real estate; energy; and technology.

The common denominator of this diversity is always people as the focus of each individual industry.

Understanding the expectations of the younger generation and provide more space for them are among our key priorities.

The synergy created by our group companies fosters the ‘Doğuş’ brand. And ‘Doğuş 3.0’ is our culture, driven by vast information and data, focused on creating new, agile experiences, and built on the principles of sustainability and collaboration.

Since 1951, we have launched and funded a variety of initiatives to improve society, always led by the vision of our founder Ayhan Şahenk, to serve the country. We leverage our social responsibility platforms to address sustainability as a multi-dimensional topic in both our companies and the Group and develop projects that create value.

We aim to use available resources consciously by recognizing our responsibility for next generations while ensuring our social, environmental and financial sustainability. Our Group's DNA is made up of dreaming, believing, creating brands, and turning experiences into legendary tales.

We collaborate with respected businesses to market the most valuable Turkish brands internationally and to introduce our people to the top global brands. Our global business partners include major companies such as Volkswagen AG and TÜVSÜD in automotive, Hyatt International Ltd. and The Peninsula Hotels Group in tourism, the international Azumi Group, the parent company of Roka, Zuma, and Oblix in food & beverage, Paraguas Group and the parent company of Amazonico, Ten Con Ten, and El Paraguas. With our comprehensive range of services, in-depth expertise, and extensive global network, we engage in activities that are advantageous to society and the local economy.

We strive with all our might to contribute to the local economy by creating and providing employment and regard it as our duty to drive social and economic development.