With the aim of making life a legitimately unmatched experience, Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group gathers prosperous brands and lifestyle services under one roof.

With an innovative approach and vision to do better, Doğuş Group gathered F&B, hotels, retail, and travel & event management companies under one roof to utilize maximum synergy between various sectors and to offer above-the-standard solutions for the consumers.

Taking the lead in each sector it runs in; Doğuş Hospitality & Retail Group continues to introduce upscale and global brands to its guests with one purpose in mind: to bring out the extraordinary in people, moments, and life.

With a heritage of thriving brands, Doğuş Hospitality & Retail provides services in more than 55 cities in 23 countries with more than 277 locations and continues to strengthen its position in the global market through its international partnerships while creating new values for Türkiye.


Leading the food and beverage industry with the power of Doğuş Group, d.ream (Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment and Management) established a level of worldwide recognition with its well-loved and distinguished brands.

Starting its story in Istanbul where high taste, various cultures, global mix of people and heart of entertainment beats, d.ream welcomes its guests to a world of exquisite flavors and dining experience. Offering an extraordinary guest experience with its service in various segments in 184 different restaurants in 18 countries and 40 cities, d.ream continues to create iconic destinations and luxury living spaces all over the world with its more than 15 unique new concepts and 45 brands.

d.ream with its pursuit of high standards, different perspectives, and visions, leads the F&B sector in Turkey and enables Turkish brands to be recognized internationally.


D-Hotels & Resorts

D-Hotels & Resorts transform accommodation in the world’s most breathtaking locations into truly distinguished life moments. Meticulously designed and carefully managed, D-Hotels & Resorts share one clear ideal: to host guests at the highest standards while offering unique and personalized experiences.

Under joint vision and values, D-Hotels & Resorts operate at the highest quality and service standards. Following a perfectionist approach, each year D-Hotels & Resorts aims to increase brand recognition and customer experience further. With this goal in place, it has internalized a data driven approach to ensure personalized customer experience and better customer journey.

D-Hotels & Resorts has 13 hotels with over 2000 rooms in 4 countries and 7 cities, each of which has its own unique qualities, providing unforgettable moments that feed the soul of its guests. It inspires those who experience it with its unique locations, unique stories, delicately prepared dishes, artistic elements worth seeing and modern spas.


Doğuş Retail

Doğuş Retail, operates in various fields of the retail market with the brands in luxury fashion, luxury watch & jewelry, sports, cosmetics, art and photography. Doğuş Retail is one of the leading companies in retail sector preferred by world class famous brands for global partnerships with its high service quality.

With its professional employees in 74 stores located in different locations in Turkey and a selection of 19 world-famous brands, it breaks new ground in shopping experience and is always among the first choice for global collaborations with its high service quality.



Serving under the umbrella of Doğuş Group since 1976 with the philosophy of "Adding value to the moment." Antur serves many domestic and international companies for corporate events and travel solutions based on its original content and designs. With the goal of becoming Turkey's most exclusive tourism agency, Antur continues to contribute and add value to country’s tourism with its successful background and well-planned future.

With its expert and creative team, over 280 corporate and ticketed events organized annually, over 70000 room reservations and over 65000 plane tickets, it provides a perfect experience with its corporate and ticketed events.

Concierge Services

Domestic and international Concierge Services for employees of all Corporate customers, domestic and foreign guests, Bank and other Card Systems customers, is another type of service provided by Antur, either together with the Travel Service or independently.

Antur, one of the founding members of KURAP, has been a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) since 1976.