The corporate social responsibility strategy of Doğuş Group aims to create innovative and sustainable business models in areas and sectors of operation to improve the welfare of the society, and to ensure the economic, cultural, social and environmental sustainability of development.

”The CSR Strategy of Doğuş Group is to increase the level of prosperity through conducted projects by creating innovative and sustainable business models in every sector and region, in which we are operate as a Group, and ensure the sustainability of development in terms of economic, cultural, social and environmental aspects.”

As a multi-business conglomerate with local and global presence in several sectors, Doğuş Group acknowledges a stakeholder-engagement oriented CSR strategy and related policies as an important first step. In this respect:

  • CSR strategies and policies of Doğuş Group are based on the ten universally accepted principles of United Nations Global Compact, which we signed in 2007, in the fields of Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

  • As a signatory to UN Global Compact, Doğuş Group has not only fulfilled its obligation, but also had the opportunity to share the progress regarding the 10 principles with its shareholders by issuing its first corporate citizenship report in April, 2009.

  • Doğuş Group, which has been reporting its corporate social responsibility performance in compliance with the international standards since 2010, issued its latest report in July 2014, covering the 2013 period.

  • Doğuş Group’s CSR strategy and policies as well as the CSR Management Model were published in the 2012 CSR Report.

Doğuş Group CSR Strategy Guiding Principles


We invest in economic development models in line with the operations of our Group Companies.

  • Responsible investment

  • Creating employment

  • International collaborations

  • Local suppliers and local development

  • Corporate governance


We support the development of our employees and consider them as the most valuable asset of our company.

  • Employee Health and Safety

  • Leader and visionary management approach

  • Training and development of employees

  • Human rights

  • Dialogue platforms


While we are growing, we contribute to the development of our society and strive to increase social welfare.

  • CSR awareness

  • Customer health and safety

  • Product and service responsibility

  • Business ethics

  • Volunteer programs

  • Public policies

  • Community engagement practices


We attach importance to ecological awareness and manage our business areas in this perspective.

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Waste Management

  • Reducing Water Use